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Shifting careers despite a shaky market?

Ruth Ledesma
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By Choice or By Chance? 

The days of employee security are long past.  Now you must take charge of your career or see it blown onto the garbage heap, what with all the down-sizing, right-sizing, and whatnot.  Whatever the "size," you can be sure your career is a top priority only for you.   So it's up to you to take responsibility for your survival  -- unless of course you prefer to leave it up to chance!

Wake Up!!!

The good news is that these shaky times afford you the perfect opportunity to find the perfect career for you.  There is repeated evidence that, all other factors being equal, people who enjoy their work are more productive, more creative, use less energy, get results faster and change jobs less often when they are in the right career -- one that fits their natural abilities, personalities, personal values and abiding interests.  And the sad truth is that when you are in a job, or even worse a career, that doesn't suit you, you are slowly killing yourself and contributing to the failure of your employer.  Don't wait for some catastrophe!  Do something now to move into a career that nourishes your soul instead of killing it. 
"The Nitty Gritty Guide to Getting a Job" 

Don't miss this chance to cover the basics we all tend to forget or ignore.  Order this very special eBook, designed to bring order and structure to the process of identifying and getting the job and career of your dreams.

No matter what career stage you are in, this eBook can help bring you greater career success.

Only $14.95 for this succinct eBook: 50 pages of career wisdom!

The Nitty Gritty Guide to Getting a Job is the distillation of some 30 years' experience as counselor and coach. This eBook brings order and structure to the career decision making process to expedite getting the job and career that is the best match for the individual.  My goal always has been for my clients to be able to wake up in the morning and say, "Hot dog, I get to go to work today!" 

This eBook covers the basics we too often tend to ignore or forget. It provides value to job and career shifters at all stages of career activity.  Topic examples include:

  • A comprehensive diagram of the vocational decision making process
  • Assessment suggestions
  • A format for analyzing your work experience for transferable skills
  • Essential parts of your "portfolio" and how to create them
  • Preparing to answer the critical interview questions 
  • Telephone script for cold calls and warm calls 
  • Applications, resumes & cover letters
  • Walk-through of a successful interview
  • Follow up and documentation
  • Knowing when it's time to move on
Order from PayPal Now!  Don't wait another day to start getting your act together!
(or e-mail for other payment options.)

Assessments Can Bring Great Clarity to Choosing the Right Career

Assessments are often the best way to start the process of identifying the perfect career path for you.  Most of the assessments are self-report and can vary depending on your mood.  And that's a good thing because your mood counts both in the short term and in the long.  Personality and motivation are usually assessed by these self-report instruments.

One self-report assessment stands head and shoulders above the others and I recommend it strongly.  The Strengthsfinder assessment from the Gallup organization is a solid indicator of some factors critical to your success.  Be sure to include this if you haven't taken it already.  Learn more about this assessment at or from the book "Now Discover Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton, PhD.
In a class by itself, The Highlands Ability Battery differentiates natural abilities from acquired skills.  This is a crucial issue in choosing the right career because working from your natural abilities is incredibly easier than working just from acquired skills.  An example:  if you aren't very good at math, you might do bookkeeping, but it will take more time and energy for you to do it and there will be more errors.  And you will be looking for every way in the world to get out of that job! 

I can arrange for assessments with Highlands Ability Battery, the DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Firo-B, Strong Interest Inventory, and more as needed to help you identify your key factors in selecting a career that suits you - your strengths, operating style, etc. These assessments can be of immense value as you make the best career decision of your lifetime. 

You Can Have the Career of Your Dreams

As a seasoned career counselor and coach, I can help you identify the last career you will ever need -- the career of your dreams -- one that will give you the fulfillment you always wished for but were afraid to go after.  It's not too late! 

And what about making career shifts in a shaky market?  Well, it comes down to your showing conclusively that your abilities, experience, etc. are the best for the job, regardless of whether you want to keep the one you have or are ready for something new.  In over 25 years of helping people identify and obtain the kind of work that fits them, I have learned a few tricks, some everyone knows as common sense if they just think about it and some that would be considered truly weird if they didn't work so well.

E-mail and...   Let's get you started!  Your perfect career is waiting!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom Line -- Success is all about YOU !

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