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books, programs, workshops, seminars, keynotes, etc.

Ruth Ledesma 
Professional Coach
Creative Strategist

Full of Great Ideas You Need to Share? 
  • Could talk for days about your knowledge, experience and insights leading to the wisdom you have acquired over the years, but no one has that much time to listen? 
  • Driven to pass the wisdom on so others won't have to go through the grueling process you endured? 
  • Or perhaps life changing insights have come to you full-blown and you just can't express it coherently enough to be clearly understood? 

Does this mean you are...

An innovative thinker & leader facing rejection because people don't understand?

  • An explorer who must lay a clear path for others to follow?
  • A seasoned veteran in your field seeking concise & potent expression of your insights?
A professional communicator mastering your craft?
  • A writer determined to capture the message and give it to the world?
  • A speaker wanting a stronger response to your message?
  • A trainer frustrated by the blank look on your listeners' faces?

Looking for These Results?

Achieve, obtain and acquireGet rid of

  • Confusion and overload -- and frustration! -- when you try to share your ideas
  • The blank look on your listeners' faces
  • Rejection of your ideas because you can't express them well and no one understands

Achieve, obtain and acquire

  • Order and structure giving greater clarity in your thinking 
  • Potent expression of your concepts and ideas
  • Listeners and/or readers understanding what you mean
  • Identifying your best presentation style
  • Help formatting your wisdom
  • General savvy about how to market your packaged wisdom 
  • Recognition of the value of your wisdom
  • Enhanced status in your field of expertise
Wisdom Packagingsm helps innovative thinkers, leaders 
and professional communicators -- just like you -- 
get your message across with maximum clarity & power.

You can share your wisdom and generate income at the same time.  You, your audience and the world will all benefit!
Distill Your Wisdomsm

Just as brandy is far more potent than the wine from which it is distilled,  your distilled wisdom is far more powerful without the excess "water" diluting most communication.  The truth is wisdom needs to be distilled to its essence in order to be communicated quickly and clearly.  No one wants to spend years learning what you have to offer.   The Distill Your Wisdomsm Program is designed to help innovative thinkers and professional communicators (writers, speakers, trainers, etc.) eliminate all but the most potent and relevant components that make up the body of wisdom they wish to communicate. 

If you are having difficulty with your wisdom, concepts and ideas being understood and accepted, the Distill Your Wisdomsm Program is perfect for you.  When you finish, you will know your body of wisdom inside and out and be able to express it clearly and understandably.
Package Your Best Stuffsm


Once your wisdom has been distilled to its most potent form, you have to package it in a way that will be attractive to those you want to benefit, as well as comfortable for you to deliver.  Delivery options include:

  • writing a book 
  • delivering workshops or seminars 
  • presenting as a breakout or keynote speaker
  • conducting training and/or coaching programs.
The key to your success here is that the delivery packaging must be extremely comfortable for you or you won't do it as well as you might like.  And of course the packaging has to be easily recognized as being of great value and worth the money being spent to obtain it.  When you finish this program, you will have, at the very least, a detailed outline for presenting your wisdom in your chosen packaging format.

Or Do Both in the Wisdom Packagingsm Program

There's a great deal to be said for having the same collaborator throughout one seamless process of distilling your wisdom and packaging it.  Benefits include lower cost, of course.  But more importantly, I am with you all the way.   Together we won't overlook any key point(s) when the wisdom is being molded to fit the particular delivery format.  I stay on your same wavelength from start to finish.  This is also a more organic process than dividing the process into two distinct steps.

Here's How it Works

Wisdom Packagingsm  --  $2400 for 10 hours of strategic collaboration. 
Combines the two major components described below into one seamless process. 
Distill Your Wisdomsm  --  $1300 for 5 hours of strategic collaboration.
Helps distill and refine your concepts into the most powerful form possible, condensing years of acquired wisdom and insights to their most powerful essence. 

Package Your Best Stuffsm  --  $1300 for 5 hours of strategic collaboration.
Helps format your distilled wisdom into readily understood and easily marketable "packages" such as books, workshops, seminars, keynotes, etc. 

All services are delivered one-on-one in scheduled weekly hour-long phone calls 
with unlimited e-mail and short calls as indicated between these sessions to sustain the dialogue.

No refunds except in extreme circumstances.
Full payment is due as soon as you begin any program, regardless of whether you complete it.

You retain all intellectual property rights

So if you want to share your wisdom and profit from it as well, e-mail and let's get you started.

Bottom Line -- Success is all about YOU !
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