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Original Watercolors by Ruth Ledesma

Original Photography by Patricia Ledesma

Patricia Ledesma                    Ruth Ledesma

Original Watercolors by Ruth Ledesma

After a lifetime of "art on demand," Ruth Ledesma is finally relaxing into her own style.  "At least I have settled on watercolor," she says, having tried and rejected most of the usual media.  "Watercolor seems the most fluid of all media and gives me a chance to let go with whatever comes through in the creative moment."

Ruth's work is known for it's richness of color and variety of subjects although she has a definite preference for beaches and mountains when painting landscapes.  Depending on the present muse, her works may reflect abstract movement, lush landscapes, and still life compositions that seem ready to jump into your lap.

In addition to painting, Ruth is a creative strategist and realtor.  For more information about her coaching, visit RuthLedesma.com.

Original Photography by Patricia Ledesma

Talented Patricia Ledesma combines her love of history and visual imagery in her photographer.  Preferring to practice her art in the darkroom, each black & white print is an original adaptation of the original negative.

Patricia's subject preference is usually anything that capture the essence of the South in it's multiple forms. 

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