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Raves about the power of the Mystic Metaphor

Ruth Ledesma 
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Is This All There Is?
At times, we all seem to seek material things and many of us obtain them, even to the point of "conspicuous consumption" as it is called.  But no matter how much you have acquired in money and possessions and fame, somehow you feel that there must be something more.  Because this just can't be all there is to life! If you don't wake up excited about what each day holds for you, then there is quite possibly a disconnect between who you are, what you are here for, and what you are actually doing in your daily life. 

Absolutely not!

If you refuse to believe there is more to life than what you have seen already, you are correct:  there is far, far more  than the acquisition of material things and fleeting fame.  Great thinkers have been talking and writing about that "more" since time began.  Most have concluded that there is most assuredly something infinitely "more" that is available to us all, if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and a seeking heart and soul.

The Mystic Metaphorsm Program

Explore the Mystic in You: 
Let's Find Your Answers to Two of Life's Major Questions

Consider yourself a seeker or a thinker or whatever term you prefer, but I have quite fallen in love with the label "Mystic."  I invite you to join me in my own mystical explorations.   The Mystic Metaphorsm Program will point your way to a more joyful and fulfilling life.  In this unique program we seek metaphorical answers to these two pivotal questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I here for?

The Mystic Metaphorsm Program

I offer a four week one-on-one or group exploration designed to help you use metaphor to discover your personal answers to the two most important questions in your life. Each hour-long session focuses, step by critical step, on the process of using your very own mystic metaphor to determine who you really are and what you are here to do. 

Delivery and interaction is by phone and e-mail with four scheduled calls and unlimited e-mail.  Cost to participate is:

  • Individual:  $500. 
  • Small Group (minimum of 4 people):  $125 each.
A discount is always available to anyone who forms a group.

E-mail and let's hold hands on this journey. 

Raves about the power of the Mystic Metaphor

Hiya, Ruth:
Just wanted to let you know how very helpful my mystic metaphor is still being.

I ran into a wall last week - I had been chugging along in a swirl of creative mist and confusion, and was impatient to get out.

My coach asked me if I knew how I defined success - my first impulse was to go back to when I had done the definition in the class, then realised I am successful when I am being who I am, doing what I am here to do - voila - the mystic metaphor rises to the fore again!

And now I also realise, how, when I get down or despondent, and remember to look at my metaphor, it works like an instantaneous 'fix' catapulting me out of the doldrums and giving me perspective.

I have used it extensively in moving back to Australia, combining it with the self growth work, and this has been the easiest move I have ever made (11 cities, 5 countries, 4 continents!) 

So, thank you!  This rates as one of the most useful things I have ever done!

                 Diane Hewat,

Bottom Line -- Success is all about YOU !

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