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Ruth Ledesma 
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Testimonials from Trellis Programsm Clients

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Effortless Management Business Schools

I have completed my program that Ruth guided me to write.  It took longer than I expected but as I thought, it was an organic process.  Ruth provided me with a very clear outline of what to do, she supported me every step of the way and her program provided me the perfect template and outline for my brilliance to shine.

Selling a program is so much easier for clients to get.  It has a beginning, middle and end, gives clear results and benefits, yet still allows for the developmental and organic coaching process to take place.  It's perfect!!

The name of my program is Effortless Management: The Business School for Child Care Leaders and the second one is the same name only The Business School for Private Practice Owners: What Your Training Didn't Prepare You For!  Owning your own business can be rewarding both financially and emotionally!  Yet it can also cause financial and emotional drain when what you thought you could create doesn't happen and you are working more hours, making less money and having less fun!

Effortless Management Business Schools will teach, consult and coach you on the 8 key strategies we discovered that are proven to help you make more money and fun in less time!  The benefits are simple systems, a powerful vision and peace of mind.  Plus so much more.  Visit and start getting paid for all your hard work!

My program is a 12 month program that begins in the summer of 2004.  Clients are showing up even before the marketing has begun!  So I know it's right!

                                                   Kate Duffy

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IrresistibleJOY Coaching Programs

"I was attracted to Ruth Ledesma's Trellis Programsm because the BIG benefits it offered for my custom designing a coaching program were exactly what I wanted. And the enormous value Ruth provided in the Trellis Programsm exceeded my expectations, resulting in the creation of two coaching programs. With clarity and structure, she guided me in (B) Building a Brand, designing programs that would generate (I) Increased Income, and systematically following a (G) Game plan to connect the passion of my offering with clients' passionate needs. Thank you, Ruth, for sharing your gifts in the Trellis Programsm. Your work is enriching the future of coaching."

                                    -- Sylvia Warren, MBA, Irresistible JOY Coach

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Gloria Auth, the Protocol Intelligence Coach

Ruth was phenomenal to work with.  She looks and sounds soft, but when it comes to business, she means business. She really made me think and clarify my message.  I was probably at the end of the line as far as continuing my business.  Now I am renewed, refreshed and see things so much differently. 

My problem was clarity and focus - clarity in my message and focus on the end result for the client.  It all makes perfect sense and I knew it - but just wasn't seeing it.  Aaah - the value of coaching - another lesson learned. 

With Ruth coaching me -- with nothing held back -- no room for being a pansy....... ... will change my coaching style.  Clarity and focus: my new mantra.

                                                      Gloria Auth, the Protocol Intelligence Coach or
                                                      the PQ Coach

Bottom Line -- Success is all about YOU !

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