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A program to help writers bloom

Providing a thorough, all-encompassing "Greenhouse Experience" 
leading to completion of a powerful book with a strong finish

Ruth Ledesma
Professsional Coach
Creative Strategist

Wildflower Writingsm 
to help writers BLOOM!

Writing a book, whether fiction or non-fiction, is a lot like growing a gorgeous plant.  The best way to start a healthy plant is in a greenhouse where the proper light, warmth, water, soil, etc. are deliberately available to nourish the early, more fragile stages of growth.  In just the same way, a writer with great potential gets a stronger, healthier start on a manuscript with the 'greenhouse experience" provided by the Wildflower Writingsm Program.  The end result is essentially the same: a strong, healthy product able to command a fair share of the garden... er... marketplace.

Learn how to overcome

  • Confusion about where to start
  • Frustrations or blocks in your writing process
  • Fear of delving into the details of what you are writing
  • Constant revisions: never finishing 
  • Mediocre professional standing because you've not written a book yet

Bloom in your writing with

  • Recognition of the value of your wisdom
  • Your unique style of writing discipline
  • Help formatting your wisdom
  • Order and structure giving greater clarity to your concepts 
  • Potent expression of your ideas in writing
  • General savvy about how to market your book 
  • A completed, marketable manuscript!
  • Readers understanding what you mean
  • Enhanced status in your field of expertise

Here's How it Works

I take you through the process of verifying that your idea is indeed a marketable book concept that is appropriate for you to write.  Then we collaborate on getting the content on paper -- whatever it takes.  Along the way we will identify critical components of successfully marketing your manuscript. 

No, I won't be going with you on the book tour...

    Wildflower Writingsm Program  
  • $2800 for 6 months of strategic collaboration resulting in a completed manuscript. 
  • Wildflower Writingsm services are delivered one-on-one in scheduled weekly hour-long phone calls with unlimited e-mail and short calls as indicated between these sessions to sustain the dialogue
  • Convenient payment plans available: no refunds except in extreme circumstances.
  • When you begin the program, you commit to paying the full fee , regardless of whether you complete the program.
  • You retain all intellectual property rights

E-mail and let's get you started.

Bottom Line -- Success is all about YOU !
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